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Monday, November 24, 2008
Long overdue post, which took a gazillion hours too upload the many, many pictures with unstable, lagging internet T^T but here they are~!
PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE READING IT IF YOU'RE HUNGRY, but maybe the pictures might not look so appetising with my pathetic 3.2 mp camera.

See the figures in the middle? Polisi (police) were working.....I HOPE!

Vegetarian 'Chicken' noodles -_- but it's real nice, another place which has faux meat which tasted good. Though I've scooped some to mother dearest :)

Crepes! Been craving for it and I ate Apple Cinammon flavour which is real nice and crispy.
The batter they used is really fragrant~~ from Ichi Crepes.
Grafitti, gotta love it, it's practically everywhere but they're all very nicely sprayed onto at least.

A picture taken at Sungei Road when Denvy and I went to take a look at what was all the hype about it. Think very used and very old stuff, some totally worthless and some are really just junks.

Indo's fast food restaurants, firstly Hoka Hoka Bento. Serving fried, jappy lunches which aren't bad for the prices.

Oh how I missed Wendy's potato with steamed cauliflower dripping in cheese sauce.

A super mongo spider in the dad's office, it was a long as my index finger.

Hmmm I don't know what's the name of this dessert but it has little sago balls and slivers of banana shoved in it :D

This is called lemper ayam, donno the translation but it's glutinous rice with seasoned chicken, sigh another childhood food. Wonder why I was skinny as a starving chicken THEN.
*cough cough*

Parents brought us to this vegetarian restaurant called Che Hwa - which means lotus.
It's the best vegetarian restaurant, like EVER! I hearts it to the corexzxzxzxzzxzx.
Even their faux meat tastes good~!
Fried, bread-ed oyster mushroom. MY FAVOURITEEEEEEEE!

'Fish' Tom Yam on hotplate. Very nice albeit a little spicy and the whole dish was very flavourful on its own that it covered the taste of others.

Long beans with sesame. Meh, so-so but crunchy and refreshing.

Mah Po Tofu in claypot. Another very nice dish, though the sauce is very salty.
The tofu was silky and smooth, infused with the oyster-tasting sauce.
SIGH! I would so go vegetarian if the food served everyday are like this.

Younger brother was being a total pig and wanted some Martabak, the pictures would be self-explanatory. So the mother went to call and ordered one since the stall is near the house.
Well I'm not complaining, since the martabak is so damn nice when it's warm and toasty, oozing out with melted chocolate sprinkles and sprinkled with peanuts, slather with condensed milk along with sugar.

YOU SEE! YOU SEE! ALL THAT FAT! ALL THAT OOZING JUICY LARD SQUIRMING OUT OF IT! Ugh look at the fatness, but oOOoOooOOoh~ it's sooooo good!

Finally ate at SUSHI TEIIIIII~!

I can only afford to eat it when I'm back in homeland :( But it's okay, at least I do get to eat it *sniffles*

What I had, some Kitsune-thingamajiggy ramen, vegetarian friendly I don't know why my intuition told me to pick it. But it was lovely, I love the sweet, sweet tofu~

Sushi~! Only the pathetic crab meat on the left is the non-vegetarian one.


Aunt, mops.


Sat in a truck to go to a nearby mall.

Gotta love the public bus, non-airconditioned, crowded, plastic orange seats, rusty windows....

I sat in this rusty little transportation mode called the Bajaj - yeap correct spelling due to the occupation of the Dutch in the past. But it's pronounced as Ba-jai.
Noisy as hell but gets one from a place to another place of short distance pretty quickly.

Ate another childhood food which is beefball soup at this restaurant called - Lapangan Tembak Senayan which literally means Senayan Shooting Field ._.
Whatev the weird name but the beefball soup is oh-SO-good~!!!!
A tad too salty though, but slurping it down fast wouldn't get that noticed.

Not forgetting the avocado juice.
It was actually the first time drinking it in my life.
Last time I used to think it looked too grosse to be drunk so I never tried till that day.
In addition with chocolate condense milk, oh I could hear the weighing scale wailing already.

Reminiscing again about whatever my childhood had, a dish called Nasi Uduk which is like indo's version of Nasi Lemak. & I only eat my nasi uduk from this hmm....road-side stall?
Called Midnight Uduk.
Ta-da! A plate of nasi uduk <3>
Add a dollop of this fiery chilli gives a kick to the dish. LE SIGH I was tearing as I'm eating this, not only from joy but also the hotness of the chilli.

It isn't the most spacious or luxurious looking place, not like any of the roadside stalls are haha.
But the rice and chicken are so delish that every year I come back to hometown I MUST have a dose of it.
I think hygene conscious people would totally freak out, the meats weren't kept in any refrigeration and its put neatly with only a cloth to protect it.
As one could see, the yellow looking stuff are marinated meat - pig innards, satays of almost every type of meat (no babi, duh.) and CHICKEN!!!!!!

Doodles that I did when I was 5 in my mum's previous office which is currently my dad's.
She said she didn't want to rub it off for memory's sake and there they still remain in good ol' permanent marker.
Oh gotta love the house when I used to wear my elder brother's oversized roller skates and climbed up the staircase and not forgetting sliding down the handrails in knickers =_=
LOOK MA NO HAIR! I couldn't have piercing due to my boyish (read: violent) tendencies when I was young so mother dearest *cough* was worried if my piercings would ever got hooked onto ANYTHING and then tore my ears off. I didn't know an imagination of a rather conservative woman could be so fertile.

Man my then 5-year-old brain is pretty addled isn't it?
Does that look like an amoeba with a face or a fried egg with a face?
I know I ain't a Picaso but these are just pure bull.
See, I told you there could be growth in a drain. Immense one I must say.
There wasn't, actually, any of the plants when I used to live upstairs of the office.

Many changes took place right after, or should I say during the actual O level itself.
Like moving house the day before the SS paper.
House, the day when we're moving. Messy much?

Pictures I totally forgot to post up =_=
Taken by Joshua before an O level exam, of which I can't remember.

Farah still acting fierce in Jun Yan's basketball jersey, moments before sitting for the O level paper.


3:03 p.m.

Friday, November 21, 2008
Sorry if you're hungry and viewing this blog right now, as I said again, I can't blog much cause there ain't much to blog about in the first place apart from my boredom, accomplishment of books, and FOOD.
Nothing much yesterday, once again. ATE AT PIZZA HUT YAY! Nong time since I last ate at Pizza Hut. I didn't shop either, mommah being tighter with money ever since the global recession :( FUCK IT.

Chicken fettucine, quite nice but I hate too much of cream sauces AND GARLIC PEEEUUWWW.
This is mops and pops, pops as usual busy with his salt-and-pepper head down to his handphone.
See where I got the gorging genes from? Thanks mommah.
Here's a better photo of pops, albeit he's frowning, mop once again showed her alter ego LOL.kidding.
My lychee-wjhatsit. I can't remember what's the whole name, too long. But it's real nice and refreshing.

See the empty pan? The younger brother gobbled 4 small slices down clean, along with another slice from the Splitza which is the 2 pizza from right. The very unappetizing looking pizza from the left is what my vegetarian parents ate, maybe it's just my camera cause it was delish~! POTATO YUM!!!!! One of my fave food, like ever. All I ate was 2 slices of pizza, a seafood and a pepperoni + potato :D

Living in my hometown third world country has made me missed Singapore pretty much.
Seriously, living here made my life in Singapore seem so luxurious!
I can pretty much go wherever and whenever I want (yeah right, curfew =_=) all thanks to SBS bus services and SMRT. But here in 3rd world, the public transport are for those who can't afford a motorcycle or a car. Not meaning to sound snobbish here but that's how the system works here. I've taken the public transport before, and the rides were never smooth, the buses or smaller cars were all JAMPACKED (thank goodness they weren't carrying chicken) with all sorts of people, AND THE BEST THING IS - NO AIRCON!
The chances of people stealing your stuff/grabbing your ass is like 70%
Taxis aren't that reliable too, like you can have a driver who flashes his peen at you or maybe drive you away to some secluded areas and ravished you, JENG JENG JENGGGG THAT'S THE END OF YOU! Keeding.
Hence everywhere I go, must follow the parents.

I can't complain about the food, it's cheap and nice HAHAHAHAH
Even mommah's cookings are nice, 'cept I HATE, HATE, HATE it when she add gross faux meat. FAUX MEAT HATER HERE!

The air here is filthy, polluted and tobbaco-infused with almost everywhere you go someone would be smoking like a chimney.
It stinks, not only of ciggies but also the clogged sewers.
Even plants can sprout out of it and lifeforms can take place there (think frogs, dubious fishes and MOZZIES >=[ ) The road side are forever dirty, the paint has faded or peeled off , seeming like no one going to ever re-paint the whole street anymore.
Okay it's real hard to describe how shitty the country really is, sooooo I'll try to capture some images with my trusty SE phone with 3.2 mp camera. UGH I SO NEED A DIGICAM.

11:59 a.m.

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Slept like a total boar log, except for the fact that mommah had forgotten to pass us blankets so once again I was freezing to my toes.
Nothing much to update on yesterday except that I was bored to tears in poppah's office even after intensive update on this dead blog and sending emails.
Oh, had a heart to heart talk with aunt dearest (no sarcasm here *1..2..3* awwwwwww)
Such a relieve to find out that not all middle-aged people are going through middle age crisis, is homophobic or ancient-minded.
Ate dinner at this restaurant called Iton, food was superb~!

Sze Chuan vegetables with PORKKKK la mien, the pork was kinda sad tasting bu the noodles were soooooo good! Just nice tasting, a little bouncy y'know but complements with everything in the bowl. I HATE PARSLEY ugh CHEEKEN.

Chee Chong Fun which was not soggy. Finally chee chong fun that is edible.

Vegetable Shui Jiao. For the sake of dear parents, the shui jiao has to be vegetarian hence we ordered this. Which is good though a bit small, filled with mushroom, tofu and undishtinguishable green vegetables.
Fried rice cake with egg. This is veryyyyyyy fragrant, with a dollop of chili my mommah down it, no not all :D It would be nicer if its prawn, but once again as a family gotta share the love so order vegetarian again :)

L-L-L-L-LEBBIT (rabbit) lotus paste bun. SO CUTEEEEE, I know D you wanna SMASH it to SMITHEREENS.

Green tea pau which is nice cause the paste was not too sweet, just the way I like it~ But the dough is rather dry :(

Lol so cute ah, pig shaped lotus paste bun!

This is meant to be an orange ._. AND ITS LOTUS PASTE AGAIN WTF! But never mind me like lotus paste xDI LOVEEEEEEEEEEE EVERYTHING PASSION FRUIT! ESPECIALLY THE JUICE OR SYRUP ZOMG! I can drink it like, forever! This one comes with sago seeds, which is rather refreshing though dangerous for old people who can't really see haha.

No I didn't eat all the buns at one go, it's for breakfast HEH. Sorry if this bores you guys, cause all I could blog about is food at the moment, and am not going places like the zoo and stuff :(((((( It's been so long since I last went to the zoo luh!

After dinner HORROR OF HORRORS - WE HAD TO GO TO A TEMPLE! Da-YUM I TOTALLY forgot that every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday the devout parents would devotedly drive a gazillion miles to the temple without fail just to chant for a good hour and a half. Everyone would be robed in this cotton black robe and enter into the room to chant. I know that religion is good but seriously the room full of old fogies were so PAINFUL to watch them chanting. Their expression solemn and grim, like someone has died tragically or something and worse some looked like they're in sheer agonising PAIN. WTF?!!?!???!?! Even the cute head chanter was not enough to distract me. When it was the meditating section, not surprisingly I fell asleep. TOO BORED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE THE FRIGGING TEMPLE.

Okay to end things off, a butt nekkid (naked), statue in the middle of the road carrying a plate of flames. MAN HIS MUSCLES WERE TIGHT AND RIPPLING LOL!




1:40 p.m.